Here you'll find details of hardware and software resources that will be of interest to computational researchers and research software engineers at The University of Sheffield.

Language and technology specific resources

  • Fortran: Details on site licensed compilers, training, numerical libraries and high performance computing in Fortran.
  • Maple: How to get Maple on your machine at Sheffield. High Performance computing tutorials.
  • MATLAB: High performance computing, training, tips and how to get MATLAB at Sheffield.
  • Mathematica: How to get Mathematica on your machine, basic training and High Performance Computing.
  • NAG: Numerical Algorithms Group (NAG) software at Sheffield
  • R: Training and high performance computing.

Site licensed Software at Sheffield

The University of Sheffield provides a range of site licensed software to its staff and students. Products include MATLAB, Mathematica, Maple, various compilers and software libraries. Head over to to see what's available.

High Performance Computing at Sheffield

The University of Sheffield provides staff and students with access to two High Performance Computing (HPC) systems called ShARC and Iceberg. ShARC is the new system and the one we recommend for new users.