RSE Service Provision

Initial enquiries for RSE service should be made by first contacting us. If you attend one of the Code Clinics sessions (that we co-run with IT Services’ Research and Innovation IT team) you may also be referred through to the paid RSE service for dedicated help if this is something which is required.

During your initial consultation a senior member of the RSE team will provide guidance on the RSE service and discuss your needs. If your project is within scope of what we can help with then we will work with you to agree a delivery plan. As part of this we can assist with relevant parts of grant writing (such as justification of resources and software delivery plans). Please see the flow chart below for our service provision model.

RSE line management

Once an RSE has been allocated they will engage and collaborate with you and your team directly. Line management of the RSE will remain within the RSE team.

A senior RSE will have already assisted you in the specification of the work schedule during the grant-writing stage. If you need more dedicated involvement of a senior RSE then consider making one our our senior RSEs a collaborator in your grant. They will then be able to provide additional intellectual guidance for your project and any RSE staff members during the delivery stage.

If at any stage you need to change direction within your grant or are unhappy with the staff member then this should be raised with the senior RSE member who assisted you in grant preparation or in designing the work schedule.

Provision of RSE team members

Once your grant is funded we will agree appropriate staffing to meet your needs and review this as necessary. Most UKRI funders are aware of the role of RSEs and actively encourage their deployment on grants. Some funders (e.g. Leverhulme) require a C.V. to be submitted. We can arrange this for you during grant submission.

RSE Service Model Provision

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Queries regarding free research computing support/guidance should be raised via our Code clinic or directed to University central IT support.