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For most queries, we advise that you contact the entire team using one of the channels below.

Current members of the Research Software Engineering team are:

Mike Croucher

Mike is an EPSRC Research Software Engineering Fellow with 10+ years experience supporting scientific software, high performance computing and research software engineering at The University of Manchester and, more recently, the University of Sheffield. Mike specialises in high-level languages such as MATLAB, R, Python and Mathematica but also has significant experience with compiled languages such as C and Fortran and assists researchers in developing faster, more robust, more usable code. Mike writes about research software on his blog,, which receives over 500,000 visitors annually.

He is an accredited Software Carpentry and Data Carpentry instructor.

Paul Richmond

Paul is an EPSRC Research Software Engineering Fellow. Paul's career as an academic researcher has always been focused on the development of software to support research, predominantly through the application of emerging hardware architectures to complex systems simulation. His technical expertise in GPU computing has led him to work more broadly, engaging with researchers in a wide range of domains to embed accelerated and GPU computing into their research ecosystems. His background in independent research means that he self-identifies as a Research Software Engineer with a strong emphasis on research relating to the application of GPUs.

Mozhgan Kabiri Chimeh

Mozhgan is a Research Associate/Research Software Engineer who specialises in performance acceleration targeting Many-core and Multi-core architectures. She completed her PhD in computer science in 2016 at the University of Glasgow where her area of research was accelerating logic gate circuit simulation targeting heterogeneous architectures. As part of her PhD project, she optimised and accelerated simulation algorithms and applied them to various parallel architectures (SIMD enabled machines, clusters, and GPUs). She has practical experience with parallel programming using High Performance Computing languages and models including OpenMP and CUDA.

Will Furnass

Will is also a Research Associate/Research Software Engineer. The path to this point has not been particularly direct: he has a computer science degree, has worked as a IT systems engineer in the film industry, has a PhD plus post-doc experience in water engineering (where he developed semi-physical and data-driven models of water quality in water distribution networks) and has provided support to the users of the University of Sheffield's high-performance computing clusters. In addition he has taught or helped run RSE, water engineering and study skills workshops. His interests include helping researchers optimise data analysis workflows (primarily using higher-level languages), providing training in RSE best practices and systems administration.

He is an accredited Software Carpentry and Data Carpentry instructor.

  • Email: w.furnass (at)
  • Twitter: @willfurnass

Twin Karmakharm

Twin is a Research Associate/Research Software Engineer and in the process of completing his PhD at the University of Sheffield. He specialises in High-performance agent-based pedestrian simulation, Parallel computing using GPUs, Virtual reality and Deep learning. He currently provides consultancy, training and technical support for researchers on Deep learning and other GPU related software engineering problems.

  • Email: t.karmakharm (at)
  • Twitter: @twin_karma

Tania Allard

Tania is a Research Associate/Research Software Engineer. She recently completed a PhD in computational nanomechanics at the University of Manchester where she focused on the multi-scale modelling of biological and biocompatible materials. She is part of Open Dream Kit (a Horizon2020 project), which focuses on the set up of Virtual research environments. Her interests include data science/engineering, reproducible research and supporting research teams to develop and optimise complex data analysis workflows. Also, she is actively involved in community building, mentoring, and scientific outreach activities within and outside the University of Sheffield.

She is an accredited Software Carpentry and Data Carpentry instructor.

  • Email: t.allard (at)
  • Twitter: @ixek

Anna Krystalli

Anna is a Research Associate/Research Software Engineer. She fell in love with statistical programming and R in particular, during her PhD in Macroecology at the University of Sheffield. This was followed by two years of freelancing as a Research Data Scientist. These and previous experiences as a quality assurance auditor have led her to focus on efforts to promote more transparent, robust, reproducible research through better scientific software development and research data management.

She’s also passionate about community and capacity building. She has extensive teaching experience, was part of the inaugural Mozilla Science Lab Open Leadership Training cohort, has been a veteran mentor on following rounds and a member of the organising committee for the Sheffield R users group.

Key interests include:

  • All things #rstats!
  • Reproducible research
  • Open source research technologies and culture enabling next generation open science.
  • Email: a.krystalli (at)
  • Twitter: @annakrystalli