Lunch bytes #4: Beyond Static Data Visualisations

13 January 2021 - 12:00-13:00
Google Meet
Niall Gandy, Mark Dunning, Angus Taggart, Seb James; Host: Gemma Ives (IT Services)

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Data visualisation doesn’t have to be confined to static two dimensional graphs. This session will look at some exciting alternatives to give you some food for thought.
Each talk will be ~10 minutes, leaving roughly 20 minutes for discussion/questions.

This session will take place on Google Meet ( and participants can join 15 mins before the start of the session.

Google JamBoard for Q&A: note down questions/comments (using JamBoard Sticky Notes) before/during the event.

Take 1: Exploring data with animations and movies

Niall Gandy, Research Fellow in Climate-Ice Interactions, Leeds University

Niall believes video is the optimum method of plotting data with a time dimension, and over the course of the 10 minute talk hopes to convince you of the same.

Creating Shiny apps to improve data accessibility and increase impact

Mark Dunning, Bioinformatics Core Director, The University of Sheffield

In this short talk I will outline how the Sheffield Bioinformatics Core is using Shiny to develop interactive web interfaces for researchers. Typical use-cases of the web interface are to accompany a published dataset, or assist with the automation of time-consuming and manual data manipulation tasks.

When all you have is datavis everything looks like a picture

Angus Taggart, Library Systems Developer, The University of Sheffield

Considering the problem data visualisation solves and a look at the alternative tools in the toolbox.

Take 4: High performance data visualisation with OpenGL

Seb James, Research Associate, Dept. of Psychology, The University of Sheffield

Data visualisation in c++: watching the action while it happens with morphologica’s Visual class, a “game engine” for data vis

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