CANCELLED: Transitioning into the tech Industry from a PhD

26 June 2019 - 13:00-14:00
COM-G12-Main Lewin
Hannah Sewell, Sky Betting and Gaming

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Unfortunately we’ve had to cancel this event as the speaker is no longer available.

Abstract: Writing code in your PhD and in industry are wildly different. From the processes surrounding getting your code out into live to the way you work in a team, industry has its own set of rules to learn in order to become an effective software engineer. Having gone from working on code that maybe my PhD supervisor would flick through to helping to build a login used by 1500 customers a second the past 8 months have been enormous learning curve. In this talk I will discuss some of the differences I have experienced between writing code in your PhD and writing code in a large company. I’ll discuss the best practices we carry out as Login and Recovery Squad at Sky Bet, what its like to work in industry and what I wish I’d done with my code during my PhD in plant genetics.

Bio: Dr Hannah Sewell is a software engineer at Sky Betting and Gaming in the Login and Recovery Squad. She carried out her PhD in Quantitative Genetics in Animal and Plant Science at The University of Sheffield, finishing in 2018. She first learned to code through Code First: Girls HTML and CSS course and now codes predominantly in Javascript doing full stack web development.

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