Intro to HPC and RSE for Speech and Language Technologies CDT PhD students

22 September 2020 - 11:00-11:30
Computer Science, University of Sheffield
Will Furnass, University of Sheffield

The University of Sheffield hosts a UKRI-funded Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) in Speech and Language Technologies (SLT). It is anticipated that 60 PhD students will be involved with this CDT over a period of 8 years, with many being based in the Department of Computer Science.

This talk (slides) is for the second (2020) cohort of PhD students and covers:

  • What high-performance computing (HPC) clusters are and why they can be useful in research environments;
  • The HPC clusters available at TUOS and the ring-fenced resources the Dept of Computer Science has in these clusters;
  • Moving data to/from HPC systems and options for storing data;
  • Using a job scheduler such as Grid Engine to run interactive and batch jobs;
  • How to load/install/manage software on HPC systems;
  • Options for improving performance, inc. via parallelisation;
  • Larger and/or more specialised HPC systems and cloud computing;
  • Getting support from RSE team and IT Services and collaborating with the RSE team.

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