Intro to Open Source Contribution - Hacktoberfest 2020 - session 1/4

6 October 2020 - 16:00-18:00
Blackboard Collaborate
Anna Krystalli, Bob Turner & David Wilby, University of Sheffield

All of our events may be recorded and shared via the University of Sheffield Kaltura platform so those who cannot attend may still benefit. We will consider your attendance implict consent to this.

Many of the world’s most influential software projects are open source - and it doesn’t take a master developer to contribute meaningful code and help them improve. Hacktoberfest is all about encouraging meaningful contributions to the open-source ecosystem and Hacktoberfest meetups are for beginners and veterans alike!

To read more about open source, check out Bob’s blog post.

Research Software Engineering (RSE) Sheffield, are organising a series in of hackathons during October as part of Hacktoberfest 2020, a global initiative to encourage participation in open-source software projects.

Anyone in Sheffield (not just The University of Sheffield) is welcome to come along and meet other coders, learn how to version control and manage code and collaborate using git and GitHub. Members of the RSE team will be on hand to help you find suitable projects to contribute to throughout Hacktoberfest.

First session The focus of this initial session will be on using GitHub to explore and contribute to open-source projects. We’ll start with an introduction to how to contribute via git and GitHub, then move on to some hands-on tutorials using either the RStudio or GitKraken interfaces or command line git (your choice!).

Get free swag/trees! - By making 4 contributions to open source projects on GitHub during October, you will earn either a free stylish Hacktoberfest t-shirt or the opportunity to plant a tree! See Hacktoberfest for details.

Location Whilst we’ll be using the University of Sheffield’s Blackboard Collaborate platform to host the events, they’re open for anyone in Sheffield to come along and participate. Please register your interest using this Google Form and we’ll send you the link to the meetups.

Future sessions Each Tuesday for the rest of October we’ll be hosting online meetups for you to contribute to more projects and earn your pull requests.

Google chat We will also have a google chat room open for the duration of Hacktoberfest for participants to chat about projects and get support from their fellow hackers. Please register your interest using this Google Form and we’ll send you the link to chat room and weekly meetups.

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