Wanted: new member of the RSE Sheffield team

Will Furnass
31 May 2019 12:19

We are looking for a new member of the growing Research Software Engineering (RSE) team here at the University of Sheffield. We’d love to hear from you if:

  • You’re passionate about developing robust software;
  • You advocate for good software development practises;
  • You’ve worked with academics, researchers and/or industry consultancies to specify, develop, improve and deliver research software. Initially, you will work on projects where the aim is to increase the impact, accessibility and sustainability of research software and workflows developed in the Department of Computer Science. This could involve:

  • Turning a research prototype into a sustainable, robust Python package;
  • Developing/augmenting workflows for running computationally-expensive processes on high-performance computing (HPC) clusters and/or cloud;
  • Making research software/workflows more accessible by creating/adapting web services.

Research areas could include:

  • Automated speech recognition;
  • The mining of health records;
  • Assessing the quality of natural language translations.

Longer term, you will work on projects with academics and researchers from across the University, plus deliver short-term support to researchers to assist in the development of new strategic collaborations. The overarching objective is to enhance the University’s capability and expertise in developing research software as part of academic research.

The post provides an excellent opportunity for research software skills development. You will actively support the wider community of research software developers and will be encouraged to represent the team in national/international activities. For example, current team members are/have been:

Applications are welcome from both software development generalists and from RSEs with inter-disciplinary technology-focused skills which either complement or extend our existing portfolio e.g. data analytics (including statistical computing, machine learning and deep learning), numerical computing, HPC (including multi-core and GPUs), etc.

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Edit: Note that we also currently have a vacancy for a second post (developing agent-based modelling software for the purposes of modelling tumour growth).

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