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We're hiring - Research Software Engineer, R skills, open ended

RSE Team
29 March 2022 10:30

Due to team member relocating to another country (😥) we have an RSE role in the team at the University of Sheffield. It is role where we are specifically looking to recruit someone with skills in R.

We're hiring - A fixed term and open-ended Research Software Engineer

RSE Team
12 November 2021 16:30

Are you interested in joining a team to develop and facilitate reproducible software through collaborations across the whole spectrum of university research areas?

SeptembRSE - University of Sheffield Research Software Survey (2020)

10 September 2021 11:00

Bob Turner from the RSE Team gave a talk at SeptembRSE! Video is now available…

Software is an important part of research and a key research output. We conducted a survey at the University of Sheffield in October 2020, similar to previous surveys conducted nationally and at the University of Southampton, to find out about how software was being used in research.

We're hiring - Senior Research Software Engineer

RSE Team
16 July 2021 11:00

Are you interested in leading a team to develop and facilitate reproducible software through collaborations across the whole spectrum of university research areas?

Short Video: Machine Learning in the RSE Team

Robert (Bob) Turner
18 June 2021 11:00

A brief intro to where Machine Learning fits into the work of the University of Sheffield RSE team.

See some examples of Machine Learning projects and training Introduction to Deep Learning, Fundamentals of Deep Learning for Computer Vision Workshop.

Methods in Research Software Engineering for Undergraduates (video)

David Wilby
25 May 2021 13:00

The team was recently asked to speak to a first year undergraduate Computer Science course with a view to introducing students to concepts in research software engineering, including some which they might use in their upcoming projects. The talk recording is embedded below, it starts at the beginning of the video and ends at roughly 55 mins. Alternatively, watch on The University of Sheffield digital media platform.

Git useful resources

Fariba Yousefi
7 May 2021 10:00

In this blog post we will introduce Git and talk about some terminologies related to Git and version control in general. We will also introduce some resources that might be helpful to read or watch.

Using git cherry-pick to split up a branch (video)

Robert (Bob) Turner
23 April 2021 13:00

Software engineer / developer / coder / RSE? Ever find there’s a branch with just too many commits to review effectively? RSE Sheffield’s Bob Turner may have the answer!

The Hidden REF

David Wilby
15 April 2021 13:00

The Research Excellence Framework (REF) is the UK government’s scheme for assessing the quality of research in UK universities. Every few years, UK universities are asked to submit examples of their research for review, following an internal review process. In short, universities submit their best examples of:

  • published articles,
  • case studies of research impact, and
  • data on doctoral degrees awarded and research income.

12 week GPU course

Paul Richmond
4 February 2021 20:00

Starting Monday 7th Feb is a 12 week course on Parallel Computing with GPUs. The course has been designed as an undergraduate 4th year module for Computer Science but is available to staff and PhD Students (as part of the DDP program) and regularly has staff and PhD student enrollment.

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