Daniele Tartarini

Research Software Engineer

Daniele joined the RSE team in 2020. He mainly supports:

  • CompBioMed2 Centre of Excellence for Biomedical Applications (EC-Horizon2020 project).
  • INSIGNEO Institute for in silico medicine.

In CompBioMed, he optimises biomedical applications and workflows to make them ready for the next generation exascale supercomputers (i.e. machines capable of computing 10^18 floating point operations/second) and Cloud-HPC. The pFIRE (Parallel Framework for Image Registration) is one of the applications under development in CompBioMed.

Daniele has a PhD in “Interdisciplinary Sciences and Technologies” and a Laurea cum Laude in “Information Systems Engineering”, from the Universita’ del Salento in Lecce, Italy. His expertise spans from parallel and distributed computing, GPU computing, bioinformatics, machine learning, and computational mechanics.

Before joining the RSE team, he worked as Research Associate on a range of multidisciplinary projects:

  • ERC Excellence Science “A high-fidelity isogeometric simulation methodology for fracture in porous media”, PI Prof. Rene’ de Borst. Dept. of Civil and Structural Engineering, University of Sheffield.
  • EPRSC IAA “Accelerating in silico cancer research with graphics processors”, PI Daniele Tartarini. Dept. Of Mechanical Engineering, University of Sheffield.
  • EC-Horizon2020 CHIC, “Computational Horizons in Cancer: Developing Meta- and Hyper-Multiscale Models and Repositories for In Silico Oncology”, PIs Prof Marco Viceconti, Dr DC Walker. Dept. Of Mechanical Engineering, University of Sheffield.
  • EPSRC, Automatic finite element code generation for GPU/parallel architectures. Dept. of Engineering, University of Cambridge.
  • Italian Ministry of Education, Development of a distributed virtual laboratory of bioinformatics in a Grid infrastructure. University of Salento in Lecce, Italy.
  • He has also provided consultancy for public administration and private companies.