David Wilby

Research Software Engineer

David was a Senior Research Software Engineer with a research background in optical physics and sensory biology. Following a PhD and postdoc at the University of Bristol and a postdoc at Lund University David made the transition to research software engineering in 2019.

His interests in research software relate to: impact enhancement, reproducibility and sustainability, best practice and environmental and social responsibility, in addition to interests in training researchers in research software.

In 2022, David became a fellow of the Software Sustainability Institute with a project on developing guidance and training around reproducible research in MATLAB.

He has been involved in numerous research projects including:

  • building Django-based web apps,
  • apps for medical research proof of principle in clinical trials,
  • COVID modelling software quality at the UK Joint Biosecurity Centre,
  • dockerising and python packaging NLP tools.

  • Website: davidwilby.dev