Robert Chisholm

Research Software Engineer/Research Associate in Large Scale Simulation

Robert is a Research Software Engineer that previously completed his PhD at the University of Sheffield. He specialises in GPU accelerated computing and complex system simulations, following his PhD’s focus on improving the performance of spatial communication in GPU accelerated algorithms.

He is a developer of the FLAMEGPU software framework, facilitating wider access to complex systems modelling on GPUs.

Previously he worked on the PRIMAGE project, which proposed an open cloud-based platform to support decision making in the clinical management of two paediatric cancers. In particular, working towards the development of a cell scale model of neuroblastoma to be scaled across multiple GPUs and distributed HPC resources.

Currently he is working with Fujitsu Research Europe developing a GPU accelerated transport model.

Since the 2022/2023 academic year he has been the module leader for COM4521/COM6521 that covers parallel programming with OpenMP and CUDA.