August 2020 Newsletter

1 August 2020 13:00

University of Sheffield Research Software Engineering Team Newsletter August 2020

Welcome to the 2nd monthly newsletter! The aim is to provide you with a monthly guide to events and news relevant to research software development, including content from outside our team.

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With many taking annual leave during August, events this month are limited. We hope to see more in September!

  • NAG are running 5 free masterclasses on algorithmic differentiation. Between July 30th and August 27th, the first has already passed but you can still register for the remaining classes.
  • Carpentry Con@Home continues to run all through August, this free online conference has a variety of events covering; git, co-development, avoiding burnout and much more!
  • LunchBytes: Writing safer Python code - September 9th 2020 12:00-13:00 (More details below)
  • Gaussian Process Summer School: Learn about Gaussian Processes with experts from the University of Sheffield and beyond - September 14th 2020 to September 17th 2020


A new monthly series of short talks on research computing, data workflows, and infrastructure. The first session is to be on 9th September 2020 12:00-13:00 and is themed around writing safer Python code:

  • Type Annotations - how to reduce the risk of passing the wrong type of argument to functions (Joe Heffer, IT Services)
  • Automatable testing of code using pytest (David Jones, RSE team)
  • Writing safer functions that are easier to reason about (Will Furnass, RSE team)

Each talk will be ~10 minutes, leaving half an hour for discussion/questions.

You’ll notice that all presenters are from IT Services or the RSE team; in future we hope that people from the research community feel able to either request LunchBytes talks from others or offer LunchBytes talks on topics they find interesting. We’ll tell you more about the mechanisms for making requests / offering talks at the first meetup!

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