October 2021 Newsletter

18 October 2021 17:00

University of Sheffield Research Software Engineering Team Newsletter October 2021

Hi everyone!

Welcome to the monthly newsletter from the Research Software Engineering Team at The University of Sheffield.


  • Software Sunstainability Institute Fellowship 2022. These Fellowships are a great opportunity for RSEs and Academics alike to receive funding and support for projects that promote software sustainability in research. The University of Sheffield has had representiatives in SSI cohorts for a few years. This round will also be a pilot for opening up the programme to international applicants. The deadline to apply is 31 October 2021.

  • UKRI: Support the development of research software engineering. Funding from the UKRI is available for activities to support the development of research software engineering in the UK. The closing Dateis 2nd of Dec 2021 You must be either:
    • a researcher or research software engineer at an eligible research organisation
    • an employee of an eligible public sector research establishment.
  • Research Software Engineer. An opening is available to join the growing research software engineering team on an open-ended contract. Ideally you will have a PhD level education with experiments in data analytics, numerical computing and high-performance computing. The closing date is 22nd of October 2021.


We had two highly successfull LunchBytes sessions in September and October!

  • LunchBytes × SeptembRSE Special: Python Virtual Environment Showdown (15th Sep 2021) To coincide with this year’s online RSE conference, SeptembRSE, LunchBytes “colocated” on Zoom as part of the conference programme.

    The topic was a showdown between some of the different options for managing virtual environments when working with Python. Will Conda come out on top? Or will the favourite be venv or Poetry?

    More details about the event, including a video of the session can be found on our blog.

  • LunchBytes: Better MATLAB, Better Research (13th October 2021) Short talks on how University of Sheffield researchers are using Matlab features old and new, straightforward and complex. A chance to get perspectives from researchers and from MathWorks, and to discuss Matlab in the research software ecosystem.

    More details about the event, including a video of the session can be found on our blog.




  • There’s a bunch of upcoming free training courses from the Hartree Centre including:
    • Introduction to data collection and preparation 21 Oct 2021 – FULLY BOOKED
    • Data analysis and systems integration 22 Oct 2021 – FULLY BOOKED
    • Beginner’s Guide to Cloud for Industry 2 Nov 2021 : https://www.cvent.com/c/express/e200899b-0a57-435a-9c3f-2e88e22bdcf2
    • Infrastructure as Code (IaC) in the Cloud 3 Nov 2021 : https://www.cvent.com/c/express/b373a50e-ba6c-4245-aae0-4f561847bff6
    • Building and testing apps for the Cloud 10-11 Nov 2021 : https://www.cvent.com/c/express/20ece454-1faf-467d-b654-4bfc1c69377f
    • Mixed language programming – From Python to C 9 Dec 2021 : https://www.cvent.com/c/express/1e0034b8-643f-4862-a8a3-3db7575cd88d

    For more details on the courses, check out their Accessible supercomputing​, data analytics and AI training with industry context page.

  • Matlab Academy is an online resource for learning MATLAB for free with MATLAB Onramp and accessing interactive self-paced online courses and tutorials on Deep Learning, Machine Learning and more: https://matlabacademy.mathworks.com/. As an example, a new course on Matlab academy demonstrates how to simulate electronic circuits.
  • Performance analysis methodology workshop | 15 Dec 2021 09:00-12:00. This workshop aims to give a solid understanding of the basics of performance analysis for research and simulation codes, using high- and low-level metrics. https://www.dur.ac.uk/arc/training/workshop/

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