March 2022 Newsletter

11 March 2022 16:00

The University of Sheffield Research Software Engineering Community Newsletter March 2022

Welcome to the monthly newsletter for the Research Software Engineering Community at The University of Sheffield.

News from the RSE Team

Some sad news for the team - Anna Krystalli, who has been with us since the start, is going to be leaving in mid-April. Anna’s contribution to the university has been huge, particularly through the development and delivery of training which creates a legacy of reproducible, open research, and through sharing and using her deep knowledge of R.

Happier news: We’ll have a new team member joining us at the beginning of April, more details to follow. And we plan to recruit another team member in the next few months to partially replace Anna’s R skills.

Come to a Code Clinic

Why not come to a Code Clinic? We’re keen to hear from you. Previous “cases” have included:

  • Understanding or compiling someone else’s code.
  • Moving a small amount of code into a different language (e.g. from matlab to python).
  • Speeding code up.
  • Changing from an obsolete dependency.
  • Putting code onto GitHub.
  • Changing IDE (e.g. vscode to pycharm).

I think Code Clinics are good for the types of problems I can’t frame as a Google search as they’re just a bit to complex, or I don’t know the right terms!


LunchBytes are a monthly series of short talks from the research community on research software, data and infrastructure.

Software engineering in High Energy / Particle Physics, 17th March 2022 12:00-13:00 Talks include:

  • Migrating 4 million lines of C++ code to multi threading
  • A new era of computing at the Large Hadron Collider

More details about the event are available on our website.

LunchBytes needs YOU!

LunchBytes are organised by and for the research software community at The University of Sheffield. If you’d like to curate a session on a topic or present something, get in touch by emailing - Or suggest topics on the jamboard


From the Web

Funding Opportunities



Git & GitHub through GitKraken - from Zero to Hero! - There are still a few spaces available on our popular version control course in April. Visit the links below for more information and to register.

We will be scheduling more of these courses in the coming months.

Sheffield RSE Team

The Sheffield RSE Team aims to collaborate with you to help improve your research software. They can provide dedicated staff to ensure that you can deliver excellent research software engineering on your research projects.

The Sheffield RSE Team provides free Code Clinics (in collaboration with IT Services), plus paid services that allow us to collaborate longer term.

Contact Us

For queries relating to collaborating with the RSE team on projects:

Information and access to JADE II and Bede.

Join our mailing list so as to be notified when we advertise talks and workshops by subscribing to this Google Group.

Queries regarding free research computing support/guidance should be raised via our Code clinic or directed to the University IT helpdesk.