12 week course in Parallel Computing with GPUs

Paul Richmond
9 January 2020 14:43

The following 12 week course in “Parallel Computing with GPUs” is available to PhD students and research staff (including academic staff).

Course Details: https://paulrichmond.shef.ac.uk/teaching/COM4521/

The module is traditionally taught as a 4th year undergraduate and masters course but is typically has a high update of research students and staff who are wanting to learn about shared memory parallel and GPU computing.

The course goes beyond a simple 1 or 2 day introduction and provides advanced material on GPU programming and optimisation. There is a 2 hour lecture each week followed by a 2 hour lab class which can be conducted remotely or in person (subject to lab space availability). There is also a course google group monitored by lab demonstrators and members of the RSE team.

PhD students should enroll as part of their DDP via this form.

Staff and research students should contact the course leader Paul Richmond (p.richmond@sheffield.ac.uk) to notify of their enrolment.

Note: PhD students are not required to undertake the assessment but if enrolled are expected to participate in the course.

Announcements for short introduction courses (1 day) on CUDA will be made via the RSE mailing list.

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