Reproducible Data Analysis Resources

Robert (Bob) Turner
7 December 2020 12:00

This blog post provides a copy of my recent talk at the Royal Microscopical Society’s Virtual Data Analysis in Atomic Force Microscopy Meeting (Event Page): How can we make AFM data analysis more open and reproducible?

I’ve also put together what I hope will be some useful links:

If you’re a researcher at the University of Sheffield…

Collaborate with or get help from Research Software Engineers at the University of Sheffield:

Work with Research Librarians on data management:

Get a wide range of IT Support services:

Put your data on Figshare:

Advice on intellectual property (from a commercialisation prespective):


A readable survey report on reproducibility:

The UK government roadmap (Summer 2020):

International views on digital skills training for reproducibility:

Detailled help with reproducible data science:

Tools for Open Science using the R programming language:

A key article on what constitutes reproducible research:

Open Data…

Making data available and accessible to people and computers:

Repository for a wide range of data types:

Repositories for specific data types in biomedicine:

Help with finding the right license for your work:

Publishing / Impact…

“Nature”’s rules for code:

Recognising more diverse research outputs:

Research Software Engineering…

RSE Communities:

Organisation supporting better research software:

Applying FAIR-like priniciples to code:

Example completed software checklist:

Training / Learning…

Leading organisation for software and data science training courses:

Blog post on ways of getting into python:

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